Financial Tools for Students

These tools, designed with Health Professionals students in mind, offer useful financial nuggets for all students. From managing debt to financial resources to purchasing a car, for strategic money management advice, find the information that speaks to you. This will often mean looking around at various sites, including information your bank offers, information posted here on the CLS Financial Literacy page, and more, to find resources that work with the way you think about finances. In the spirit of offering options, here are some useful tools:

  • AAMC First–financial information, resources, and tools:
  • AAMC Financial Wellness–offers free, ad-free courses on budgeting, buying a car, financial planning, managing credit, and more. You don’t need to be a pre-med student to use the site. They ask you to identify as a pre-med or med student, so select pre-med to indicate you’re an undergraduate.
  • ADEA financial information geared toward dental students.