Externship Program Application Information

The application process for spring 2023 externship program is now closed.

The Spring 2023 Externship Program application will open to students at 9:00am on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022. The application will be completed via a Qualtrics form linked in the below steps to complete an application. Applicants will upload a résumé in PDF format at the time of applying.

Students interested in applying for the CLS Externship Program are highly encouraged to attend an Externship Program information session. There are two sessions:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022: Externship Program Information Session, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, HSSC S3325
  • Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022:  Externship Program Information Session, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, HSSC S3325

The application form will automatically close at 3:00pm on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Please note: There is no advantage in applying earlier during the application period. We highly encourage you to take your time with the application. As the list of short-answer questions is available for review before beginning the Qualtrics application, you are encouraged to draft your answers in a word document first. Each short-answer question has a limit of 1,500 characters (approximately 250 words). The Qualtrics form does not save your information prior to submitting; the application form should be completed in one sitting.

Steps to Complete an Application

  1. Finalize your résumé.
    • At the end of the Qualtrics application, you will be asked to upload your résumé. You will need to have your résumé completed and saved as a PDF prior to beginning the application.
    • Your résumé should be one page (one-sided), professionally written and tailored to the externship experience you will be ranking your first choice.
    • You are strongly encouraged to attend the CLS résumé events scheduled in November (see the timeline on the main Externship Program page) to have your résumé reviewed by a CLS adviser prior to submitting your application. If you are not able to attend the scheduled events, you can schedule a résumé review appointment with a CLS adviser via Handshake or stop by CLS general drop-in hours.
    • The Externship Program is a competitive opportunity and résumés will be reviewed by the hosts, so it’s important to submit the highest quality application possible.
    • Résumé guides and examples are available on our Résumé & Cover Letter Writing page.
  2. Review the host spreadsheet and determine your top three choices.
    • The list of host externship opportunities will be available by Nov 1, 2022 on the main Externship Program page.
    • You will have the opportunity to rank up to three externship opportunities in the application. Ranking three opportunities, if there are three you are interested in, is strongly encouraged; placements can be competitive, and ranking less opportunities decreases the chances of being matched with an externship experience.
    • Both virtual and in-person experiences are available; you can rank only virtual experiences, only in-person experiences, or a mix of both.
    • If ranking in-person externship experiences, please keep in mind that funding support to cover travel and related costs by CLS is not guaranteed and is based on financial need. Only rank externship opportunities you would be able to participate in without full funding by CLS.
  3. Submit your application via Qualtrics.
    • Application will open at 9:00am on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022: Click here to complete the Externship Program Spring 2023 Student Application (This form is now closed)
    • The application must be completed in one sitting; there is not an option to save your progress. Partial applications will not be considered.
    • Make sure you have all of your materials ready prior to beginning the application.
    • You can review the list of short-answer questions (linked below) that will be asked regarding externship ranking if you would like to prepare your answers in advance.
    • All applications must be completed and submitted, including a résumé uploaded, by the application deadline of 3:00pm on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. The application form will close automatically at that time.

Additional Information

Short-Answer Question Word Limits:

Short-answer questions on the application are limited to a maximum of 1,500 characters (approximately 250 words) in order to encourage students to critically reflect on their goals and compose thoughtful responses to the questions. Your short answer responses do not need to be 250 words long; this is set as a maximum. Answers should be a minimum of 100 words in length in order to ensure you are fully answering the question, however do not feel that you need to add extra words to reach the 250 word maximum; short and thoughtful answers are encouraged.

Externship Program Spring 2023 Application Questions (Grinnell login required)

CLS Externship Travel Funding Request:

For in-person externship experiences, information on requesting CLS funds to cover associated travel expenses will be available at the first orientation session in January 2023. There is limited funding available to cover travel expenses such as flight or bus between the externship site and Grinnell; funding does not cover the purchase of a bike or vehicle. Funding is not guaranteed. When submitting the Travel Funding Request form, you will be asked to give permission for CLS to confirm your financial need status from the Office of Financial Aid. Travel funding requests are not seen by the externship hosts and do not affect your chances of being offered or participating in an externship.

Please direct any questions to your CLS adviser or perkins1@grinnell.edu.