Business Cards

The idea of having a business card may sound outdated in the digital age, but it’s still a must-have for business and creative professionals alike. You always want a small stack handy, because you never know when you might meet someone who could help you get a job or internship. A business card bypasses the awkwardness of juggling phones, is a great way to showcase your individuality, and, most importantly, ensures you stay on a contact’s mind.

The only information you really NEED on your business card is your name, the type of work you want to do (i.e. actor, printmaker, photographer, poet, etc.), your email address (one that you use now and that you will continue to use post-Grinnell, so employers can keep in touch), your phone number, and your website, if you have one.

Now comes the fun part: figuring out the best format to reflect you and your field. There are a plethora of websites out there to help you design your card. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, types of paper… or even go away from paper entirely.

Here are some websites where you can use templates to create stand-out cards: