Religious Identities & Professions

Your religious, cultural, and/or spiritual identity may shape how you operate in professional settings, lead you to a particular job field, or inspire you to become a religious leader such as a rabbi, imam, priest or pastor. This page, which will be continually in-progress, is designed to help you explore your professional aspirations as a religious or spiritual person.

We understand that religion and spirituality are not fixed, and can mean different things to different people. We hope the resources on this page will prove useful regardless of whether you identify with specific religions, are exploring spirituality more broadly, or want to build bridges between faith groups.


Internships in Interfaith Relations, Education, and Dialogue

Are you interested in cultivating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world while working at the intersection of religious and cultural difference?  According to the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy, interfaith dialogue:

plays a vital role in [advancing] world peace by …

By Mark Peltz
Mark Peltz Daniel & Patricia Jipp Finkelman Dean
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How to Take Time Off for Religious Reasons

by Ashley Faus

You have a life outside of work and you have commitments that sometimes conflict with your working schedule. Everyone does. But when those commitments are religious observances, it can feel especially tricky to navigate them in the …

By Ashley Faus
Ashley Faus
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Assessing Religious Inclusion in the Workplace

By Victoria,

As you continue to navigate your job search, you may be curious about how best to integrate your faith with your future workplace. While it is illegal for an interviewer to ask about religious affiliation and beliefs …

By Source and Author Noted Above
Source and Author Noted Above
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Firsthand Vault Guides


Working in the religious ministries sector should be thought of as a calling more than a career. Becoming a …

Becoming an Imam


Imams are religious leaders in the religion of Islam. They lead daily prayers, teach people about the Quran (the Muslim holy book) …

Becoming a Muslim Religious Scholar


Muslim religious scholars study the Quran and other holy texts, conduct research on the history of Islam, publish research papers and books, …

Becoming a Purohit


Purohits are priests who lead worship services, officiate at festivals, and perform ceremonies and rituals in Hindu temples and in …

Becoming an Eastern Orthodox Priest


Eastern orthodox priests lead prayers, administer the sacraments, provide spiritual support to parishioners, and oversee the daily operation of their …

Becoming a Roman Catholic Priest


Roman Catholic priests serve as either diocesan priests (sometimes called secular priests), leading individual parishes within a certain diocese, or as religious priests, living …

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