Social Innovation

Addressing complex challenges requires an agility that cannot be boxed in by a static description. We recognize that innovative social change work occurs within the intersections of service, activism, and systems thinking, but it is also more. It endeavors to co-create systematic and sustainable solutions with key stakeholders that others have ignored, and tackles not only the symptoms, but also the root causes and deeper mindsets that underpin an deep seated, intractable challenges.

For over ten years Grinnell College has recognized outstanding social innovators through the Grinnell Innovator in Social Justice Prize.  The Prize is ready for its next chapter. This academic year (2022-32) campus and community partners will collaborate on how recognizing and championing social responsibility innovators can continue to have a transformative impact at Grinnell and in the world. No prize nominations will be accepted during this assessment process. More information will be shared as future program plans develop.

To learn more please contact Vicki Nolton or make an appointment him via Handshake.