Social Innovator in Residence

For over ten years Grinnell College has recognized outstanding work in the area of social innovation through the Grinnell Innovator in Social Justice Prize.  Building upon this foundation, the College’s new Social Innovator in Residence Program will recognize world class social innovators, champion their work, and provide collaborative opportunities for transformative impact at Grinnell and in the world.

Addressing complex challenges requires an agility that cannot be boxed in by a static description. We recognize that innovative social change work occurs within the intersections of service, activism, and systems thinking, but it is also more. It endeavors to co-create systematic and sustainable solutions with key stakeholders that others have ignored, and tackles not only the symptoms, but also the root causes and deeper mindsets that underpin a deep seated, intractable challenges.  The Social Innovator in Residence Program is designed to honor social innovators doing this transformative work and inspire those in our community to leverage their personal experience and education to do likewise.

The 5-7 week residency will not only offer the Social Innovator in Residence an opportunity for respite and renewal, it will also offer the innovators, campus constituencies, and community members opportunities to utilize campus resources while working and learning together.  There will be intentional opportunities for collaboration through workshops, research opportunities, classroom visits, student employment, or mentor sessions, as well as more informal opportunities to connect through conversations over coffee or meals in the dining hall.  Should there be continued interest, some collaborations may continue even long after the formal residency!

Social Innovators selected for the residency will receive an award and stipend totaling up to $50,000 and will be housed in an apartment on campus.  Applications for the fall 2024 residency will open July 1 and residency selection will be announced in early 2024.

For More Information:

Email Vicki Nolton