Systems Thinking & Change Making

Wicked social and environmental problems require more than linear solutions or isolating a couple variables. To address complex challenges, we need to see and understand the interconnected systems that create a problem, then identify and activate strategic players and levers that shift or disrupt patterns of behavior to create more equitable outcomes. True systems change is a long-term and collaborative process that is multi-layered, scalable, sustainable, and transforms deeper cultural mindsets to prioritize a greater care for all of humanity.


Map the System

Map the System (MTS) is a global competition of the University of Oxford’s Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, open to educational institutions around the world. The competition challenges students and their community team members to use systems thinking to delve deep into a social or environmental issue that matters to them and take the time to explore, probe and research all its connecting elements and factors — later sharing their findings in a way that many audiences can meaningfully understand, share, and learn from.

Grinnell College students who join Map the System team will: build research and professional presentation skills, forge new connections with socially-conscious students, innovators, and change makers, prepare for future civic action, internship and career opportunities, and compete to present at the University of Oxford, UK and win cash prizes.

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