Explore and Design a Community Engaged Learning (C-EL) Course

Our office can help you identify community partners relevant to your interests and explore with you how to add a community engagement aspect to a course. This phase must start 3 months to one year before the beginning of the class.  


  1. Explore the purpose of adding a community component: What depth or dimension could a partnership bring?
  2. Explore what kinds of partnerships would be beneficial: community speakers, projects, field trips, observation, etc.
  3. Identify key constituents with whom to talk about resources
  4. Sketch our potential learning goals, course structure and seek informal approval from dept.


  1. Identify any needed funding sources
  2. Outline course structure or possible syllabus
  3. Submit new course/course change paperwork if necessary
  4. Confirm community partners and clarify partnership expectations logistics
Download C-EL Course Development Guide