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At Grinnell College we are committed to providing civic learning opportunities that equip students to become equity-minded and innovative civic agents. During their time at Grinnell, students are encouraged to discern, explore, and assess what their civic role might be in any given setting. Our approach acknowledges that constructive change-making necessitates the filling of many interlaced roles.  Some volunteer to make small changes or meet immediate needs. Some make concrete plans for others or manage projects. Some analyze situations or systems. Some take on activist, ally, or advocacy roles, and yet others work to create more equitable systems altogether. Our ecosystem of advising and experiential learning opportunities encourages students to explore and experience while remaining conscious of the impact of the intersections between their community context, their positionality, and their evolving civic interests and capacity.

News & Advice

How to Volunteer: 5 Simple Steps to Finding Meaning & Making a Difference

Written by Elysia Gabe, Volunteer Match

Volunteering might evoke images of soup kitchens, beach cleanups and fundraising galas. But the truth is, there are a whole lot more ways to volunteer! So many, in fact, that it can feel overwhelming …

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Source and Author Noted Above
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What Is Systems Change? 6 Questions, Answered

By  Rachel Jetel, World Resources Institute

Systems change. Transformation. Deep transition. These phrases are used so often they risk becoming buzzwords with diminished meaning.

And yet to limit global temperature rise, conserve nature, and build a fairer economy that benefits …

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Source and Author Noted Above
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Systems stewardship in practice: What it is and how to get started

Written by: Dawn Plimmer, Collaborate for Social Change, Dec 14, 2022

The case for collaboration is stronger than ever but realising its potential is daunting when confronted by systems that are often siloed, competitive and fragmented. These barriers will persist …

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