The Moth Storytelling Workshop

Sign up now to let professionals from The Moth help you develop your live storytelling skills in a 2-part workshop on February 17 & 18, culminating in a Story Slam.

Here are some examples of stories produced by The Moth, including one by a Grinnell alum.

  • Lone Start Christmas   [Grinnell alumna] Renata Sancken is nervous about her flight home for the holidays.
  • We Regret to Inform You   Otis Gray gets a job writing rejection letters. Aired 10/04/2023.
  • Outset   Sonia’s teacher confronts them about their gender. Aired 6/28/2019.
  • Lessons from a First Date   Elika Malesi Isamula steps out of her comfort zone and goes on a date. Aired 10/25/2023.
  • My First Halloween   A child from the Soviet Union learns about American Halloween traditions. Sofya Tamarkin, aired 10/20/2023.

Contact Stephanie Peterson (Program Coordinator for the Wilson Center) with questions or concerns: [petersos] 641-269-3323

By Rachel Edwards Harvith '00
Rachel Edwards Harvith '00 Director, Arts, Media & Communications Career Community