2024-2025 Public Policy Fellowships

Looking for an opportunity to explore public policy post-grad? Check out these three 2024-2025 fellowship opportunities below.

For application advising, you are welcome to visit with Ann Landstrom or Gracie Brandsgard via Handshake. The CLS is open during winter break and welcomes appointments!

Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs

The Coro Fellows Program develops emerging leaders to work and lead across different sectors by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and networks to accelerate positive change. Throughout the nine months, each Fellow participates in a series of full-time projects across a variety of sectors in public affairs, including a final independent project of the Fellow’s choosing. Sectors may include government, business, nonprofit, organized labor, and electoral politics.

Throughout the year, Fellows participate in a series of focus weeks: week-long explorations of specific issues or topics through experiential learning, interviews, discussions and projects. Focus week topics vary by center and program year based on the major industries featured in each community; focus weeks may include topics such as agriculture, media, public finance, innovation, and health care.

Learn more about the Coro Fellowship. Applications are due January 13, 2024.

Emerson National Hunger Fellowship

The Emerson Fellowship develops effective leaders in the movement to end hunger and poverty in the U.S. During their year in the program, fellows develop their leadership skills and gain hands-on experience through placements with host organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

Fellows spend the first six months of the program with organizations across the U.S. with a local or regional focus (food banks, advocacy groups, governmental agencies) and the last half of the program in organizations with a national policy focus (think tanks, federal governmental agencies, national advocacy groups). Throughout the year, fellows are supported with comprehensive learning events and professional development opportunities.

Learn more about the Emerson Fellowship. Applications are due January 12, 2024.

NYC Urban Fellows Program

The Urban Fellows Program is a highly selective, nine-month fellowship which combines work in Mayoral offices and city agencies with volunteer service opportunities and a seminar series that explores current urban issues impacting public policy. Urban Fellows are placed at an array of agencies across the City where they learn about public policy and work closely with leaders engaged in policy and operational work.

The Fellows’ work experience is supplemented by the seminar series, a unique learning experience that exposes Fellows to public and private sector leaders. Guest speakers, including senior level City officials and alumni, share their leadership experiences and their work on City initiatives.

Learn more about the NYC Urban Fellows Program. Applications are due January 15, 2024.

By Gracie Brandsgard
Gracie Brandsgard