Pictionary for Robots: Summer MAP Series, Kailee Shermak ’25

“You know those AI generation programs where you enter text and it pops out an image?” asks Kailee Shermak ’25sociology major and digital studies concentrator. “Essentially, we’re studying whether a machine can do that task as well as a human could.”

It’s June, and Shermak is a few weeks into her Mentored Advanced Project (MAP) with Fernanda Eliott, assistant professor of computer science. Eliott develops computational approaches inspired by human decision making. For example, she studies how artificial intelligence can most closely mimic human cognition when it comes to generating images.

To build better AI, Eliott needs to understand how people think visually. Here’s where Shermak and her teammates come in — as both researchers and research subjects.

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Original article published October 19, 2023 by Anika Jane Beamer ’22

By Dani Perkins
Dani Perkins Director, Exploratory Career Community