Summer Jobs in Grinnell

Summer planning does not have to be stressful. At the CLS, we are encountering many students facing a lot of pressure trying to come up with a plan for their summers that feel connected to their many interests and ambitions. If you do not have an internship, research opportunity, or certification in mind for summer 2023, you might choose to take on a summer job!

While seasonal summer jobs may not specifically target a set of skills, these jobs are an excellent way to build workplace confidence and skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.

I have collected a few summer jobs in Grinnell posted on Handshake for this summer that might prove to be a great experience to build skills and make some money!

Let’s take a look at one of those jobs:

DAR Reunion Ambassador

The student serves in a leadership capacity in which they may represent a department, a program, an office, and/or the institution, more broadly. The position may require public speaking and regular communications (both written and verbal) with on-campus (e.g., students, faculty, and staff) and/or off-campus stakeholders (e.g., prospective students and families, community partners, employers). Possesses strong interpersonal skills, works well as a team and with diverse groups of people, possesses a positive attitude, has a high energy level, flexibility, integrity, good time management and communication skills, and the ability to problem solve and manage conflict.

Duties: The Ambassador program places a student Ambassador with each class or cluster to help the class navigate events and programs and ensure their Reunion experience is a positive one. They act as liaison between the class (or cluster) and the College. Duties may include attending and supporting class events and programs, assisting with room or even decorating and/or set-up, getting ice or other supplies for lounge parties, running errands for the class, and many other duties as assigned. The Ambassador Team may work on projects together with other Reunion and Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) staff to support programs and experiences at Reunion. They are often asked to attend semi-formal events with the class, so the position requires students to wear appropriate clothing for these events. Ambassadors may assist other teams in the week prior to or the week after Reunion. The ideal candidate is outgoing, flexible, responsible, perceptive, and can work independently. During their service, they are expected to be friendly and welcoming, and to engage alums and guests.

Let’s break down the requirements of the job:

  • “The position may require public speaking and regular communications (both written and verbal)”
  • The candidate “possesses strong interpersonal skills”
  • The candidate demonstrates “the ability to problem solve and manage conflict.”

When writing a résumé for this position, consider the various experiences you’ve had and situations in which you may have employed a similar skillset.

For instance, in regards to speaking skills, highlight courses you’ve taken that had a strong emphasis on public speaking and presentations. Consider whether you’ve completed any research projects that have required collaboration? Answering these questions can help a writer attune to their skills and experiences.

Here is an example of how you might highlight those skills and experiences on a résumé:

ARH 160 An Introduction to Museum Studies
Grinnell College Department of Art History

  • Carried out analysis on primary sources to create a literature review
  • Compiled findings of research in a poster format
  • Presented findings to peers and the public

Do you work in the dining hall? Here is how you might describe your experience working in the dining hall to match the requirements of the job description:

Student Worker
Dining Services, Grinnell College

  • Leveraged interpersonal skills to provide excellent customer service when serving dishes
  • Problem-solved various conflicts that arose in the preparation of food to ensure that food was available which met the standards of the dining hall

Working summer jobs will continue to build the skillset that you will take forward with you into future internships and jobs. At the end of the job you might be able to list the job as such on your résumé as such:

Reunion Ambassador
Department of Alumni Relations, Grinnell College

  • Coordinated between the college and guests to put on events, all while keeping to the protocols set by the department of alumni relations
  • Problem-solved unpredictable conflicts that arose
  • Leveraged impeccable time-management skills when planning and carrying out events
  • Used ingenuity to build and maintain relationships between the college and its alumni

These skills will be useful in nearly any role or position. It will always serve to pay attention to what is being asked for in the job description and to make sure you emphasize the details of your experiences in your résumé later.

Features skills of a good employee
By Sasha Grigorovich
Sasha Grigorovich Exploratory Adviser