Ready to Volunteer? Community Partner Highlight: The Iowa Kitchen

The Iowa Kitchen offers a service-learning opportunity for two volunteers per month to be mentored by a trained chef, while also serving the community by helping to prepare and serve meals every Saturday of that month.  This is a one-month commitment, about 6-8 hours per week, includes all necessary training, and culminates in the volunteers designing and cooking their own menu for distribution on their last Saturday.  This program is designed specifically for college students who want to learn how to use good nutritional practices to feed themselves and others on a budget.

Training supplied: All necessary training is supplied by a trained chef, including basic sanitation, kitchen skills, how to design a recipe, and budgeting.

Equipment or logistics supplied: Access to a commercial-grade, licensed kitchen and all equipment.

Visit the Iowa Kitchen database listing for more details!

More volunteer opportunities with a wide variety of non-profit organizations are available on the Civic Activity Community Partners Database.

By Guinevere Wallace
Guinevere Wallace AmeriCorps Coordinator for Community Engaged Learning Partnerships