Virtual and Online Shadowing in Health Professions

Wondering about virtual shadowing? 

Read this article from the AAMC’s Premed NavigatorVirtual Shadowing – Tips from a Current Medical Student and Physician. Sign up for the Premed Navigator newsletter here.

Pre-PA students: Check out these recommendations from Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA)​​​​​​​.

Online shadowing options: Below are some virtual shadowing opportunities of which we have recently become aware. Most of these are more similar to informational interviewing than actual telemed shadowing where you would observe physician-patient interactions. Please note we do not have resources to pre-screen each of these so use your best judgment to evaluate the quality of the information being shared. We also do not recommend you pay any fees to access these types of sites or to receive certificates of completion.

Free Video Shadowing at U of CO School of Medicine – email Bre McKercher at (Note: you can opt to receive a certificate of completion for a fee, but access to the actual videos is free; Ms. McKercher can provide additional details).