Senior Interview Grants-CLOSED

Interview Grants are designed to facilitate student participation (fourth-year, senior status only) in interviews for full-time positions, post-graduate service opportunities, admission to graduate or professional school, or related post-graduate endeavors (e.g., post-grad internships). At this time, CLS grants may not be used to offset educational fees to obtain course credit from an outside educational institution, or general networking visits. Grants will not be awarded to cover past expenses.

Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a mock interview with your Career Community Director on Handshake.

Advanced planning is essential. If air travel is requested, please allow a minimum of three weeks in advance of the interview. Students are responsible for communication with faculty if absent from class.


In order to apply for an interview grant, you must be:

  • graduating within the next 12 months and interviewing for a specific opportunity; and
  • in good conduct standing.​​​​​​​
  • For processing purposes, November 19, 2024 is the last day applications will be considered from seniors graduating in December. The interview must take place before December 1.  April 21, 2024, is the last day applications will be considered from seniors graduating in May 2024. Also, the interview must take place no later than May 10, 2024.


Funds will be awarded on a rolling basis during the academic year. Please note that one’s financial need level (as determined by the Financial Aid Office) will determine the amount of funding a student is eligible to receive. The maximum amount of interview grant funds a student may receive— based on their level of financial need—will not exceed $700 over the course of their final year at Grinnell College. Interviews must take place prior to the student’s graduation from Grinnell. Students may apply for interview funds more than once (for different interviews). Students awarded an interview grant will receive a lump-sum deposit into the bank account they have on file with the College. Recipients of funds will need to keep a detailed (itemized) expense report and provide a digital upload of all original receipts to the CLS. Additionally, recipients are required to report the outcome of the interview to the CLS by writing (typed) a brief reflection essay.


Please note that it takes time to receive, review, and process these requests. If your interview is fewer than 15 business days from the date of submitting this form, the CLS may not be able to fully consider your request. Additionally, grants will not be awarded to cover costs for interviews that have already taken place.


If your interview will take place outside the United States, please contact the CLS BEFORE submitting an application to explore potential visa challenges related to international travel. Students traveling internationally must register their plans (sharepoint login required) with IGE.


If a student fails to complete the detailed requirements by the due date highlighted in their initial email notification, a PAST DUE email notice will be sent as a final reminder stating that all required documents must be received within five (5) days of the deadline. Depending on the student’s class year, the student may lose access to the following grants: professional attire, professional development, senior interview, summer internship, and CLS funded trips such as externships and treks and their student account may be charged the full amount of the grant received.

*These grants are considered taxable income. For non-resident taxpayers, the Accounting Department will adjust the funds you are granted to cover the eventual tax to be paid.

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