Health Pros: Internships

Check Handshake for internship opportunities with a healthcare focus. Keep in mind that for most health professions, you will not be able to perform direct patient care without training and certification. That said, there are often summer internships that combine elements of observation, mentoring by practitioners, and research within a clinical setting. The video (at right) shows how to use filters in Handshake to find positions that match your interests and location.


The Summer Health Professions Education Program improves access to information and resources for pre-health students.

The National Association for Advisers in the Health Professions provides an extensive list of summer opportunities for pre-health students.

CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholars (CUPS) Program and the Dr. James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases RISE Fellowship (Ferguson Fellowship) offer a number of summer internships in public health and health equity.

Dr. Camilla McMahon at Miami University maintains a list of psychology undergrad internship and new grad job opportunities that is filtered by geographic location and field of psychology (including clinical).

Check your local hospital for internship opportunities like those hosted at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

Having difficulty finding a healthcare-related internship? Katharine Brooks has suggestions for having a career-building summer without an internship.