Going Forth Episode 9: So You Want to Change the World (from the Top-Down)

What did you do today, Grinnellians? If you are like Nicholas and Meredith, you might have slept in, wrote a paper, ate some dinner, etc. But if you are anything like Nathan Clubb ’11, your answer might sound more like, “today, I launched a political campaign.”

When Nathan Clubb was just a senior at Grinnell, he decided to run for the Iowa State House of Representatives in order to draw attention to issues he felt were going unaddressed by state leaders. Since then, Nathan has remained a deeply active member of each community he’s touched, most recently running for City Council of Atlanta. On today’s episode, Nathan walks us through the process of running a political campaign, the utility (or sometimes lack thereof) of working within the electoral system, lessons from losing a campaign, and the essential role that public servants play in community change.

If you want to be the President someday, this one is definitely for you.