Going Forth Episode 31: The ‘Yes’ Lifestyle – Trying Everything & Our ‘Center Line’

Christa Desir ’96 has a rule: Say yes. Say yes, and try everything. It is a rule that has led her to some pretty fascinating places. She’s been a radio producer. A kickboxing instructor. A young adult romance novelist. A small business founder, totally by accident. A chief financial officer who works in barter and trade. The talent manager of the Marlborough Cowboys. The editor for novelist E.L. James, author of 50 Shades of Grey. But perhaps the most amazing thing Christa has done is do all of these things in a world that prefers when people fit neatly into a single box.

Through all of it, Christa strives to maintain what she calls her ‘center line:’ the voice in her head and feeling in her gut that carries her through every leapfrog she makes. In this episode, we explore the lovely, scary, and downright zany parts of living by Christa’s rule. Wise, delightfully random, and filled with stories that will make you laugh out loud, this episode is a deep dive into what life looks like when we decide we are willing to try anything once.

TW: Christa has worked as a rape victim advocate, and this episode includes mentions of sexual assault/rape.