Going Forth Episode 30:  Inside Scoop – The Modern Landscape of Journalism

Why does good journalism matter? What does “work-life balance” look like for journalists covering a 24-hour news cycle? Do reporters ever struggle with the second-hand trauma of witnessing tragedy? As citizens, how can we discern fake news from truth? What is the line between appropriate skepticism and conspiracy, and why has this line begun to melt away? These are some of the hard-hitting questions we explore with today’s guests.

At Grinnell, Silvia Foster-Frau ’15 and Stephen Gruber-Miller ’15 were classmates. Today, they are both journalists who spend each day asking questions, telling stories, and investigating truth. Silvia is the multiculturalism reporter at The Washington Post, where she reports on issues of race, identity, and the nation’s changing cultural composition. Stephen is the Statehouse reporter at The Des Moines Register, where he covers Iowa’s most pressing political news. As journalists, Silvia and Stephen are normally the ones asking questions, but today they have answers. This episode is your inside scoop on a career in journalism, and breaking news: it’s one you don’t want to miss.