Fellowships & Awards Ethical Guidelines

At the 2009 conference in Seattle, Washington, members of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors approved a NAFA Code of Ethics, which suggests the following ethical guidelines for scholarship/fellowship applicants:

Prior to application candidates will:
  • Engage in self-reflection, assess long-term goals, and search for appropriate programs and funding;
  • Pursue fellowships that support those goals, not fellowships that they must bend their goals to fit; and
  • Be aware of the high level of competition and respect the value of the process.

During the application process, candidates should:

  • Ensure that all application materials, including but not limited to personal statements, résumés, proposals, essays, shall be the sole and original work of the applicant. Cite any sources quoted or paraphrased;
  • Respond to campus and foundation communications in an honest and timely fashion;
  • Apply only to those fellowships in which they have a genuine interest;
  • Provide adequate and accurate information to recommenders in a timely fashion;
  • Neither compose their own letters for faculty to sign (even at the request of faculty) nor ask faculty members to show them their own letters of recommendation;
  • Make clear what information revealed to an adviser or recommender should remain confidential;
  • Include résumé and application response items that reflect an accurate and substantive contribution;
  • Provide honest responses to questions in all practice and real interviews without aggrandizing accomplishments or providing deliberately misleading information to committee members; and
  • Treat other applicants with respect and courtesy.

Scholarship Nomination Permission Form and Waiver

​​​​​Note that all Grinnell students and alumni who apply for awards through the Center for Careers, Life, and Service will have to acknowledge the conditions presented on the Grinnell College Scholarship Nomination Permission Form and Waiver (above). They may do so electronically (as part of the online application) or via hard copy (by printing out this form, signing it, and delivering it to the CLS, or by picking up and filling out a copy of the form in person at the CLS). Acknowledgement of the conditions on this form must be completed before review of an application will commence.

Applicants who have questions about these ethical guidelines should contact Ann Landstrom.​​​​​​​