Photos of Cameo Carlson '93
EPISODE 40: The Rock Czarina of San Francisco

Cameo Carlson `93 is music royalty. On this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Emma Kieran Schaefer `23, an Independent Major in multimedia storytelling from Niwot, Colorado, as a guest-host to discuss Cameo’s career from being dubbed the “rock czarina of San Francisco” to “queen of the ringtone” by Billboard magazine. A talented singer-songwriter, Emma brings her curiosity and interest in the music industry for a conversation about Cameo’s journey, from being a KDIC host and Harris DJ to working at the forefront of streaming music at iTunes and later as the CEO of mtheory, a management and development group that works with over 25 managers representing over 100 artists.

Alongside her triumphs, Cameo also candidly discusses the industry’s challenges with racism, sexism, and ageism, issues she directly engages through her work on the Equal Access Initiative at mtheory, which seeks to expand access to resources for managers that have been historically underrepresented in the country music genre and business world. 

This episode features “Mirror,” an original song by Emma Kieran. You can find more of her music on Spotify.