Student-Alum Meetup: Government, Law & Policy

Looking to connect with alums working in government, law, or policy? This is your chance!

Meetups are online events that intelligently match attendees for a series of 10-minute video calls. After each conversation, you will automatically rotate to the next one. Just log in to the event and Meetaway will handle the rest.

Register for the Meetup here:

You will want to register early, so you can review the bios of the alums attending and select your priority connections.

N.B.: Join the event on a laptop or desktop with a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or new Edge. While Meetaway supports mobile devices, laptops or desktops result in a better overall experience for everyone. If you choose to connect via mobile device, Apple users will need to use the Safari browser and Android users will need to use the Chrome browser.

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