Financial Literacy

Understanding your money, where it comes from, what you spend it on, and how to make it grow, is a lifelong learning process. The financial literacy skills you cultivate now—saving, budgeting, and even investing—will set a foundation for excellent money management in your future. For example, if you can invest $50 a month, starting at age 20, toward retirement, you’ll boost your retirement funds by nearly $80,000 over time. But maybe that’s not what you’re thinking about right now. Perhaps the question is how to afford a particular textbook or whether there’s cash at the end of the week to go to the movies. Knowing what you know and don’t know about money is the first step. Take this quiz to find out.


Gap Years & Student Loans: What Every Student Should Know About Financial Aid

When taking a gap year, there are important steps every student should take if they anticipate needing financial aid for dental school and dental hygiene programs or any other professional degree program following their gap year. Paul Garrard, MBA, breaks …

By Mary Jane Shroyer
Mary Jane Shroyer Director, Health Professions Career Community
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Build a Better Budget 

Learning to budget your funds can be as simple as figuring out how much money you bring in versus how much you spend. To get started, record what you earn and what you spend over a set period of time …

By Robin Bourjaily
Robin Bourjaily Assistant Director, Exploratory Career Community
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Nonprofit Salaries | How to Deal When Your Heart and Budget Collide

Those of us who are drawn to social-impact careers care deeply about the causes our work supports. At the same time, like everyone else, we have bills to pay.

So what do we do when there’s a gap between what …

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Financial Tools for Students

These tools, designed with Health Professionals students in mind, offer useful financial nuggets for all students. From managing debt to …

Free for All Students: Financial Wellness Program

The Financial Wellness Program is a free, online, financial education resource offering information on a variety of personal finance topics. …

Build Skills

LinkedIn Learning courses are available to all current students.  For Alumni Access please visit LinkedIn Learning to start an account.

Financial Wellness: Managing Personal Cash Flow

Taught by Amanda Clayman
Even if you’re normally levelheaded, “your brain on money” is different, and it can keep you financially stuck. In this…

Personal Finance Tips and Tricks

Taught by Amanda Clayman
No matter where you are in your financial life, personal finance experts Jane Barratt and Amanda Clayman can help you…

Build Your Financial Literacy

Taught by Madecraft
If you’ve ever felt confused by financial decisions you needed to make, or financial documents that you needed to read,…

The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money

Taught by Jill Schlesinger
What’s the best way to invest your money? Should you hire a professional to manage it? How often should you…

Budgeting in Real Life

Taught by Madecraft
Most budgets fail. But it’s not because the people who made them failed—it’s because they were set up to fail.…

Managing Your Personal Finances

Taught by Jane Barratt
For many of us who are not financial professionals, worrying about money and saving for the future can be a…

Financial Literacy: 401(k), 403(b), and Self-Directed IRA

Taught by Winnie Sun
You don’t need to be a certified financial planner to start saving for your future today. If you’re looking to…

Personal Finance Concepts for Everyday Decision-Making

Taught by Jasper Smith
Looking to get a hold of your personal finances, but not sure where to start? Financial planning is just like…

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