Seniors: Tell Your Story

The Class of 2023 Graduate Survey continues, even if the CLS’s raffle is over. We’ll be collecting graduates’ outcomes data through January 2024, and we sincerely hope you’ll find the time to tell us what you’ve done as a Grinnellian so far and what your future holds.

By filling out the graduate survey, seniors ensure that future class years benefit from their layers of experience at Grinnell. They also ensure that the CLS and the College administration have a full picture of the Grinnell story—including equity gaps. Knowing which students are able to participate in high-impact experiences like internships and summer research, the sort of jobs and grad school programs students are accepted to upon graduation, and the salaries they receive helps the College understand how the promise of a Grinnell education plays out on campus and afterwards. It shows us where we are, and helps us strategize where we need to go to serve all Grinnellians.

We are so grateful to the 2023 grads—over half the class!—who have taken the time to share their story with us. Congratulations and best wishes to our lucky raffle winners: Jazmin Richardson, Chase Ferguson, Aubrie Torhorst & Elise Clayton.

By Sarah Barks
Sarah Barks Senior Director, STEM Career Communities & Analytics